Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Like It Hot

Monday, June 22, 2009
....I on the other hand like the temperature to be moderate…give me 75-79 degrees. But since the first day of summer was yesterday I’ll have to find that moderate weather next Spring. Oh how I’ll miss you.

But I can’t hate too much on summer, summer gives me days full of sundresses, outside dining, warm late nights, and plethora men coming out the woodwork (well there aren’t too many choices in St. Louis but once in awhile there’s a few decent ones). It’s all fun in the sun.

And with the summer heat I ALWAYS need to cheap finds to keep me cool. Thanks where my friend Forever 21 comes in. Some people bad mouth Forever but I can’t…we’re in a recession and I still gotta look fierce…don’t hate!

Tiered Fiesta Dress$24.80

Nadina Sundress $19.80

H81 Bold Stripes Sundress $22.90

Lathika Chiffon Tube Dress $22.80

Dayana Print Dress w/ Belt $22.80