Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Love Jones...Of Some Sort

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Lately I haven't been writing poetry like I used to, but with different things going on the only way I knew to express it was through words. So I hope you enjoy my random fab thoughts.....


i never claim to know it all
to yell that your about to fall
to tell you to veer to the right rather than steer to the left
to let you know whats best
for you
but me
i know me
maybe not what’s in my destiny or in the stars
to know when its my venus, pluto or mars
cause I never got with that astrology crap
and perhaps I never will
because no book, card or palm could ever trace
what a smile you could bring to my face
to hurry my pace
so my eyes can meet with a gaze
that burns in my mind for days
with thoughts of you and the things you do to me
that have me thinking this has become my reality
not quite the vision that I dreamed
the knight and shining armor coming to get his queen
it was more like the boy who decided they were too old for toys
and picked up the shiny piece of gold
that he got to hold
never to let go
a treasure to him and all the world to see
to tell the world that he would rather have me
and I’d rather have him
agree, disagree, opinions don’t matter
advice can do so much
but I can tell me and only me
what brings the joy from my head to my feet
because this is only the wisdom of a woman who knows
who she would rather hold

© afabthought