Thursday, February 25, 2010

Classic Thursday's

Thursday, February 25, 2010 1
I don't like using the terms 'Throwback Thursday's' or "Way Back Wednesday's' because I feel like they get used SO much, so I'm gonna settle on Classic Thursday's to share some of my fav classics.

Nonetheless I had these two songs on my mind. Don't you miss Groove Theory?? A little birdie named YBF said they're supposedly getting back together...awesome!

And you don't know how much I miss Faith Evans. This song always puts a little shine in my day. Maybe it's the disco balls that get me.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Monday, February 22, 2010 0
Call me lame or whatever but this version of the Star Spangled Banner absolutely gives me chills when Whitney performed it.

Talent shown at it's greatest and makes me proud to be an American just a little bit more.


Don't You Wish That....

there was a decent male r&b group
i know there are a few of them out there, but i miss boyz II men, blackstreet, guy...that could SANG.

girlfriends had a proper final episode
the CW was just downright wrong.

people who have beef with you would be adults and say something
i don't understand the ignoring of calls, silent am i supposed to know your mad if you don't say anything?!

BET would bring planet groove back
that show was my my first taste of maxwell on there

when other people stare at you to at least say something
i mean just say "hi", headnod, whatever and if i have something on my nice and say something, i don't care but don't just stare at me!

that shar jackson would stop talking about kfed
okay you can only say so much and the dude isn't even with britney! come on son!

purses wouldn't get so messy so easily

everytime i clean out my purse it seems to get worse before. and don't let my phone ring it's like i'm digging for gold

that's all i had to say...happy monday!

Can You Get It Up?

Now y'all know I used to love me some Rihanna but the girl has been getting on my nerves....she's everywhere! Just when I was about to give up on her she came out Rude Boy and gosh darnit...I like it! And I like the video too!

Dang you Rihanna for your catchy tunes and bright colored video.

Friday, February 19, 2010

We All Got Them

Friday, February 19, 2010 3

Okay I'm stealing this from Birdie at
Peanut Butter Delight(check it out btw!) who stole this from Amy at As For Amy (which by the way I just started reading and I loves it!)

So we all have them. Flaws. Beyonce probably described it in the prettiest way but we know they can get pretty ugly. The challenge is to list all the reasons a guy would not want to date you. Sounds harsh doesn't it, anyways here we go:

1. I'm An Affection Addict

I just want to be held, whether its hands, hug or whatever. Kiss on the forehead, stroke my hair...I want it all. I don't need it to be heavy in public but I realize I do like to at least hold hands. I'm probably this way because I slept in my parents bed till I was 4.

2. I Can Be A Sour Puss

I admit when I have a bad's bad, really bad. When I'm in that phase it's hard to shake and sometimes I'll take it out on other people but it's never my intention. But what's even worse is that my words become venom. I feel so bad afterwards!

3. I Never Want To Make The Decisions

I hate it when me and a guy are trying to figure out something to eat and he says "you decide". No, you be the man and choose!

4. I Analyze Too Much

Call it reading between the lines but sometimes I'll look into actions to much to think they mean something else when in reality I'm way off chart.

5. I Like To Fight

No not the dramatic "I hate you Jody!" but I like getting in heated debates. Maybe it's because I like making-up *tee-hee!*

Model feelin' it?

Yesterday BET's Centric Network premiered their newest show, Model City. Now I was just interested in looking at some fine specimens and you know what, Centric did not fail!

Honestly I'm digging the whole vibe of the show. Although I'm sure it has to be fabricated a little to make for good TV it's nice to see black male models get some spotlight. I had no idea only 2% of modeling jobs are set aside for black male models...crazy right?

The only thing that broke my heart was that one of my favorites Zerick (below) was one of the kids....snap in a circle 3 times. And he surely wasn't afraid to call his man-boo his shorty, can't hate on that.

In case you missed the episodes or want to find more info about the models head over to Centric Tv's Website

No Mean Mug Mondays!

I was slacking a bit but here are the most recent episodes of The Modern Day Matchmaker. I did enjoy his interview with Helena Andrews. I'm definitely interested to read Bitch Is The New Black.

I think this is my favorite episode of his by far. Mean mugging has definitely become a norm. I can't tell you how many times I'm walking somewhere and a stranger will tell me to smile more. I don't do it on purpose but it just happens. Sometimes I get a little self conscious about my smile, just because I think my cheeks look funny when I do and I have a half-dimple that is just weird. Yeah I know, it's probably just me thinking that. So next Monday I'm going to smile most of the least while I'm out. I'll let you know what happens!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Thursday, February 4, 2010 0

I just wanted to acknowledge our new followers...thanks for joining Kabuki Queen! We hope you enjoy every single solitary moment you read our blog.

Now we're up to 52 followers and I'm grateful for each and everyone of you!!


Like I've said before, I have crushes on different kind of guys but once in awhile I'll gawk at a fine piece of specimen that pretty much everyone can agree on.

Case in point Devin Thomas of the Washington Redskins.

I was stalking TheYBF the other day and came across these babies:

I. Want. Every. Piece. Of. This. Man. CHILE!

But I'm not usually down for a man in a onsie of some sort but uh, I'll let that one slide. And he has a Twitter!

But who doesn't nowadays...well me. LOL.

TheYBF and Getty Images

I Just Keep Going

I'll explain the lack of updates. Three words:

Applying for Graduate School...yeah more like four.

I really haven't had much time for ANYTHING. My schedule goes like this. Monday through Friday:

-Workout 8-9am

-GRE Studying/Grad Apps 11am-6pm

-Eat/Catch-up on Wendy Williams 7-8pm

-Caking 8pm till I fall asleep

And Saturday mornings are dedicated to my GRE Prep class so that consumes most of the day.

Sunday is church and sleep that I didn't get over the week (I know, so unhealthy!)

UGH! This grad school application thing is no joke! But this is something I truly want so I'll work as hard as I can do get it.

But let me tell you the library I go to have some of the most interesting, peculiar people I've ever seen. It's great entertainment.

So I just wanted to update you guys and I'm working on new posts like right now!