Monday, November 25, 2013


Monday, November 25, 2013 0
I have written this post in my head so many times over the last few weeks, but nothing felt noteworthy enough. I think it is because it is such a vulnerable position from which to come. Transparency is not my strong suit, though I feel like my life has been broadcasted because of the accessibility of social media these days. Where do I begin...hmm. Very often I feel like I do not offer much to the world, that I am not different enough, not good enough in one particular thing or another and that I will just fade to the background as simply a memory for one. My reality battles my destiny in my mind on almost a daily basis. Knowing that God says otherwise for my life and sees me with different eyes, I am crazy enough to somewhat believe that He will get His glory and His purposes will be fulfilled. Now, does that mean that my name will flash across a television screen or my face will be in the latest fashion magazine, or even that I will be recognized for my impact on the world after death...absolutely not, which therein lies the struggle. Something inside me wants to be recognized and remembered throughout this lifetime and into my death. How hard is it to do that, though? It is not like you can readily have conversations with the people that changed the world so let me encourage you to be that person; step your "cookies" up and grind towards the top. When you get there don't forget the feeling you felt, reach out to the next generation "YOU" and be a help...

That moment when you feel like your life is so minute in the grand scheme of things and it doesn't really matter what you do, remember that His plan is good and promises your success. Hang onto hope, you'll get there, and don't forget to let your hair down, spend time alone, and laugh once a day...Dr.'s orders ;)