Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting to Know Me

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 0
As of recently, I have been shown my purpose in life. I am learning to surrender to a Power higher than my own, a voice wiser than mine, and a Being far greater. There are several road bumps that have come up that I have learned to address and move on without stressing or worrying about them. I have cooked, cleaned, traveled, shopped, exercised, socialized, and meditated to come to a place of inner peace. But what I find rest in is the fact that Someone mightier than I is in control of my life and knows exactly where I am at all times and even where I am headed. Not only where I am headed, but that it is 'good.'
I am sought after, favored, adored. I have been beautifully crafted and artistically handmade. I look in the mirror and do not see what my Maker sees, and until now, have not appreciated my reflection. But every once in a while I remember that I am one-of-a-kind and Someone else knows it! With that said, I like what I see. It makes me, me! So let this be an encouragement to you...take a second look :)