Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Only Urban Hang Suite You Wanna Be At

Thursday, April 30, 2009 0
This week's Man of the Moment is Maxwell, honestly I don't have any words for this man :sigh:, the pictures speak for themselves.

What's even more awesome is that he's releasing a new album this summer entitled BLACKsummers' Night....I will be first in line to cop it. Until then enjoy his latest video "Pretty Wings".


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Every girl should own them

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2
I'm talking about PEARLS! I have a confession to make...I wear my obnoxiously enormous pink pearl earrings every single day! Pearls are so timeless; if you don't own them, I suggest you get with it and bring the true queen out that's been dying to come forth!
Just as timeless/priceless pearls are, thus are women. We need to take time out to celebrate our inner pearl (true beauty); learn how to pamper and appreciate yourself. I had to learn this recently. Men are amazing, but we have to learn that they do not measure our beauty. As women, we have to learn how to reflect on the outside, what is on our inside. Don't just be a pretty face any longer.

I suggest choosing a random Tuesday once a month to spend with yourself. Start off at the spa, grab a sexy addition to your closet out at Macys, do lunch downtown with a glass of champagne, hit up a matinee, take a drive on the lakefront, whatever you choose, make it all about you. Forward your calls, emails, all technology to love on yourself. You'll feel so much better after!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Throwin' It Back

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So the only way I listen to my iPod is when it's on shuffle, mainly because I never remember what songs I download anyway. But as I was flipping through songs I came across this man:

Donell Jones! We haven't heard anything new from him recently but it doesn't take away the shine he had on his previous songs...I mean they were they stuff! If your like me "Where I Wanna Be" was your theme song for at least one relationship/break-up you had. These are a few of my fav tracks and some video fun featuring Left Eye.

Just LUSHcious

How many times have we heard beauty products selling line of 'soft and beautiful skin'? Too many I'm sure, but how many deliver these promises? With my experiences not too many, however there are a few that give over and above. One of my fav beauty stores is LUSH and it's just what it is...LUSHcious!

Their bath and beauty products are 100% Vegetarian, hand-made and never tested on animals. In my opinion a great way to go green and feel fab. I discovered LUSH two years ago and since then I've been hooked. Here are a few of my top picks:

Buffy Body Butter $10.75

If anything you NEED this! Your skin will never feel the same.

Mange Too Massage Bar $9.75

With the honey and white chocolate scent this is definitely something you need to indulge in and you don't even need lotion after you use it. Seriously it works because I can get quite ashy at time. Use it after the Buffy Body Butter for even softer skin.

Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel $9.75

I know your like Sonic Death Monkey? Trust me it smells better than it sounds. Being a lovely chocolate girl myself, I literally smelled like chocolate after using it and it definitely got the attention of everyone I passed by (especially the fellas). Use the combo of this, the buffy and the massage bar for the ultimate skin.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream $13.25

I started using this when I needed to do something about the roughness of my hands. It says cuticle but it's a great moisturizer for your hands and other areas that are slightly rough. It can get a little oily so use less during the day and more at night when your going to sleep.

Angel's On Bare Skin Cleanser $1.00-$9.95

I have oily skin so this was a great remedy to keep the oily under control and keep it soft

So, if your looking for something that keeps moisture locked in, makes your skin soft and gives you that glow all while smelling delicious, try LUSH.

Keep Moving Forward

Even though I'm in my 20's I'm a sucker for a good Disney movie. They're barely for kids anymore with most of the dialogue that's going on. One recent movie has stuck out and has become a classic in my collection. If you haven't seen "Meet the Robinsons" I suggest you do. The plot surrounds a boy who loves making inventions; makes a time machine that takes him to the future and get the point. What I love most about the movie is the motto, "Keep moving forward". No matter how many times this boy's inventions failed he continued to keep it moving until one day, he got it right.

Much of what happened in the movie can be related to our lives. I'm always inspired to try new things (like blogging!) and sometimes fear of failure gets in the way, it happens to all of us. I'm not sure where you ladies are at in your lives but if there is anything holding you back from doing what you want to do because of what "might happen", clear it out your mind and keep moving forward. At some point we're going to make mistakes, fall, get set back, but it's during those times where the motivation is needed most. Things are always easier when they're going great, but if there's a goal, dream or something that you’re striving for it requires dedication.

So I wanted to leave you with an encouraging post to tell you to not to get discouraged and that anything and I mean anything is possibly as long as you what?......


And most of all, don't look behind.

Got any words of wisdom to keep moving forward, don't be afraid to share!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Girl's BFF

Sunday, April 26, 2009 0
Quote of the week: "No gold digging for me...I take diamonds." -- Mae West

I want to talk to all the ladies that have their own. Skip independency, that's getting a bad rep. For all the women that have a man, but still have your own supply without him...this is dedicated to you. As I passed a beautiful condo building downtown, I started hoping, dreaming, and wishing that I could have it. Then I started thinking about the kinda truck I want to be pushing in the new year. Hmm...then I thought, why don't I have a new wardrobe. The "why don'ts" get endless, and before you know it you've wished your way right into depression! Wrong answer! I am too young to already be feeling sorry for myself, not even!

I went to church today and Pastor happened to be talking about prosperity and riches. He always talks about possessing your inheritance, but today I heard something different. If everything on this earth belongs to my Father and I'm an heir, I am entitled to everything as well. Am I preaching to someone out there?! I came to find out that the condo is mine, the truck is mine, and the new wardrobe is as well (so attainable). I have been keeping myself from the promises of God for long enough. I am claiming it in Jesus' name! Who says I'm too young and poor to have it, bc they are nothing but dead air! I'm moving on up. Don't tell me what it looks like, tell me what God says about it!

So, what does this have to do with the "got her own" queens, you might ask. Watch this! Instead of getting jealous everytime I see a fellow queen drive by in a PINK Range, I should be using that as confirmation that God takes care of us all. If we ask according to His word and believe we have received, it's ours. And what better confirmation than someone the same age, with the same degree, and job, who's pushing a Lex? No longer will I be jealous, but motivated to speak those things and take hold of my inheritance! Thank you KQs for holding it down and making room for me at the TOP!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is It 5:00 Yet??

Friday, April 24, 2009 0
Is it me or does the clock sometimes seem to go slower on Friday afternoons?

Maybe it's me.

But whatever the case Happy Friday lovelies! And to all my working 9-5 women, Happy Freedom Friday...the freedom of the weekend awaits for us just in a matter of hours that can't come fast enough.

I don’t have any new posts for today but only one thing and that’s a special Happy Birthday to our own Ms. Nels! Love you boo!

Look for lots more new posts next week, until then, enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where You Been Chick??

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I know your probably thinking that we fell of the face of the earth and perhaps we did (just for a lil’ minute), but we’re back!

KabQueen was first created solely for a fashion, beauty and health but as our fabulous lives go on we know that there’s so much more to discuss, so we’ll be having new features such as book reviews, social issues, what we’re wearing, man problems, updates on beauty products that work and we love, rants and raves, and also give you a chance to ask us questions about absolutely anything! Need advice? We got you. Special remedy to get over a hang-over? No prob.

So anything you want to see on the blog, let us know and we’ll be sure to get on there for your reading pleasure.

So thank you for your support thus far and keep checking back for updates, deuces!


The KabQueens