Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Girl's BFF

Sunday, April 26, 2009
Quote of the week: "No gold digging for me...I take diamonds." -- Mae West

I want to talk to all the ladies that have their own. Skip independency, that's getting a bad rep. For all the women that have a man, but still have your own supply without him...this is dedicated to you. As I passed a beautiful condo building downtown, I started hoping, dreaming, and wishing that I could have it. Then I started thinking about the kinda truck I want to be pushing in the new year. Hmm...then I thought, why don't I have a new wardrobe. The "why don'ts" get endless, and before you know it you've wished your way right into depression! Wrong answer! I am too young to already be feeling sorry for myself, not even!

I went to church today and Pastor happened to be talking about prosperity and riches. He always talks about possessing your inheritance, but today I heard something different. If everything on this earth belongs to my Father and I'm an heir, I am entitled to everything as well. Am I preaching to someone out there?! I came to find out that the condo is mine, the truck is mine, and the new wardrobe is as well (so attainable). I have been keeping myself from the promises of God for long enough. I am claiming it in Jesus' name! Who says I'm too young and poor to have it, bc they are nothing but dead air! I'm moving on up. Don't tell me what it looks like, tell me what God says about it!

So, what does this have to do with the "got her own" queens, you might ask. Watch this! Instead of getting jealous everytime I see a fellow queen drive by in a PINK Range, I should be using that as confirmation that God takes care of us all. If we ask according to His word and believe we have received, it's ours. And what better confirmation than someone the same age, with the same degree, and job, who's pushing a Lex? No longer will I be jealous, but motivated to speak those things and take hold of my inheritance! Thank you KQs for holding it down and making room for me at the TOP!