Saturday, July 25, 2009

Throwback Classic

Saturday, July 25, 2009 4
My best friend and I used to sing this song...I'd wanna be Monica but got stuck with being Brandy. Oh well, love them both.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


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I'm taking a trip to New York City the first week of August with my roomies and I have no idea what to do! Clubs, restaurants, bars, museums? Help a queen out!

So if you guys know any good places to go to or have some websites I should visit to get info, PLEASE let me know!

muchas gracias!

You Can Have Me and My Blood!

It's been a minute since I've done a Man of the Moment, so this week I bring....

Mehcad Brooks!

You may know him from his short role on Desperate Housewives.

And you can't forget him as Jerome on The Game

Now, you can catch him on True Blood. And ladies did you see that last episode where he was giving that girl the business?? Oh.Em.Gee. It just got wayy too hot in here.

If you wanna check out his feature films he also was in Glory Road.

With abs like that..who wouldn't love him?

Can't get enough? Stalk him on Twitter....

Do You Boo

I must say I was surprised to see Solange go for the big chop, maybe with a little lining and brush it won't be so bad. But it made me think. She could give two bricks about what everyone else thinks...she's doing her. Can you blame her for it?

Which brings me to my next point. In a world with trendsetting divas, fashion icons and fads I feel that we can get lost. Fashion and society say no to wearing this but yes to wearing that. I feel that style does make a statement as to who you are. You like wearing sweats most of the time? Then you're a laid back kinda gal. Heels just to go to the store? You like to keep it fierce. And there is truly nothing wrong with it. Ladies we can't loose who we are just because "they" say it's not hot. We can keep up with trends and make it our label.

Now don't get me wrong there are some fashion tragedies, you know you can tell when someone didn't look in the mirror before they left the house. And sometimes personal style needs a little tweaking (i.e. What Not To that show!).But even when you see that girl rocking plaid tights in the dead heat of summer, if she's walking with her head held high, rocking it like it was on the front page of Italian Vogue, well then I give her my props. She's comfortable in her own skin and that's what truly matters.

So my tip for the you boo. Don't pay attention to what he or she says. Confidence surpasses Chanel....feel me?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Au Natural Part 2

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 2
I feel like I've been gone so long!

Ah, well I still don't have a job BUT it's okay...I'm still looking up and know that something will come up soon. In the meantime I've been on my workout game which I'm very proud's such a stress reliever too!

And in the process I changed my hair...again! This time no weave :gasps: I know, I know.

I just decided to work with my own. The rod set is working for the me the curly fro effect plus I don't have to comb it, just pick it out. And it definitely works because I'm half natural half relaxed, so it's not too noticable. So I definitely was happy Ms. Nels did a post on being natural and big thanks to those who gave tips! I will be checking out those products ASAP.

So just wanted to give an update...more posts coming tonight..yay!

Oh and 40 followers now! Ya'll really love us! And we love ya'll welcome new followers...keep giving feedback!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

au natural

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 3
i've been natural for two years now and though i spend hours straightening my hair per week, i can't help but wanting to stay relaxer-less. i'm rocking the curly fro right now, but i really wish it wasn't so dry. does anyone have any good experiences with products on the market for natural hair? sometimes a sister (yes, sister not sistah) wants to rock out without having to deal with is my wrap total frizz yet! help!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 2
Of course with my lack of updates I know I'm slacking at reading everyone's blogs and I'm gonna be getting back on it. I'm telling you this is the first time I've been on a computer all day and it's about to be 12 midnight.

So soon enough I'll be back to reading and posting comments on everyone's blogs...I miss reading them everyday!

Sweet dreams everyone!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Love Is Deeper, Tighter, Sweeter, Higher, Flyer...Didn't You Notice? Apprently Not.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 6

I had to quote my girl Jill Scott in the title, "My Love" is not only a great song but a song that I seem to share something in common with after this past Saturday.

I broke up with my ex a month ago. Needless to say I was happy. I no longer had to deal with the pains of a long distance relationship and got to enjoy the freedom of being single. I also came to a realization that I truly was not IN love with my boyfriend but I had love for him. He and I just saw things differently and the "honeymoon" phase couldn't last forever, there was too much difficulty for such a long distance.

You never want to hear about your ex finding a new love so soon after you. In the back of your mind you want to be the girl that he's tripping over, the girl he can't get over, the girl that no other girl will compare to. It boosts your ego, you know? Which is why I possibly have a problem with the following situation.

On Saturday my ex got married...yes the negro got married after a month of us being dunzo.

Wow, is all I could say.

Yes I didn't want to be with him but dang, really? We were together for 5 months...not long, but long enough to put in effort for 4 out of the 5 that the relationship was long distance relationship work...i.e. writing letters, going to their graduation ON your birthday (very hard pill to swallow). When I found out all I could say was congratulations. Of course I wasn't going to let him see the worst of me. Funny thing was he wasn't going to tell me, I forced it out of him after seeing his strange status on Facebook and prying him with questions about it until he admitted that he was indeed married.

But as I was talking to my friends and mom about the situation they helped me realize that yes my feelings are hurt but more of my pride is. I hate to be seen as a fool and in some ways I was because either two things could of happened. He was seeing her the whole time he was seeing me, or as soon as we were done he got with her. But married? I didn't see it coming.

I should have though. Because he expressed interest in marrying me, and me moving to where he's getting stationed (he's a Navy man) and starting a family. All of which I truly wasn't ready for.

After the initial stage of anger, I had to sit back and laugh. There seemed to be more to this man that I didn't know which was probably a blessing in disguise. But in it all, I know I deserve better and he was definitely not the best. I wish him all the best of luck and I hope he finds what he's looking for.

As for me, I'll just continue to be a better me. I won't wear my hurt on my face but I won't internalize it either. I'll deal with it now so that it won't become excess baggage. Situations and heartbreaks like these only help you become stronger. I can say that I've been through a lot but I won't become jaded, I'll become wiser.

I won't end this on my high horse BUT he'll never deny that my love was deeper, tighter, sweeter, higher, flyer...haha....ya'll get the point :)
Wow...just typing this has made me feel even better. Glad I could get personal with you KabQueens!

So What Had Happened Was...

Okay guys, I clearly know I've been MIA I guess it's time for some explaining.

When I do my updates 9 times out of 10 I'm at work...clearly I haven't been updating because I haven't been at work because I don't have a job.

Yes the recession has hit home. The company I work for had a 5-year contract with our city school district which was up this year, our contract didn't get renewed but we were welcome to apply for the new company that was coming in. I definitely applied, but didn't get it, and since almost two weeks now, I've been unemployed. It is kind of weird not to have that same routine but having time off has given me time to just....chill. Chill from absolutely everything. I've been wanting to update the blog but I just didn't have it in me...I guess I've been getting my life in general together. I'm also trying to make some big decisions...i.e. moving from St. Louis to...I don't even know yet.

So I just wanted to let you guys know what was up...and I will be updating more this week. It's a promise!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009 3
Let me paint a scenario for you...just imagine that you have found that perfect someone, the person that always came to mind when you thought about your ideal significant other. By some way or another you end up with this person and realize that they are everything you want them to be, everything you ever imagined. However, all your friends, relatives, mentors, etc. tell you that they are no good for you because of a minor technicality (e.g., age, race, etc.), but you choose to ignore them and just enjoy the moment. Sooner than later you find out that the person you're with is freakin amazing and you don't know why everyone was trippin on them until one day you wake up and you don't get a good morning text, no phone call for a week, going out is contingent on you suggesting it, and you stop seeing this person on a regular basis. Now, if both parties are concerned by the list above, then maybe something can be worked out...but if you're the only one that notices it? you keep telling yourself that it is worth it because this is your dream mate; you keep this thing going bc you want it to be better, you know it CAN be better...when is enough, ENOUGH?! When you confront them about it they have nothing to say bc they don't even know this is going's all in your head (right?). As if! (I had to go CLUELESS for a minute, forgive me)

It's obvious that I'm speaking from experience. Needless to say, my dream for the ideal person has not changed, but there have been some major modifications. I had to let that go and am dealing with the mixed emotions of my decision as I write. Am I out here alone or has someone else been through this (or something equally bogus)?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stars & Stripes

Saturday, July 4, 2009 3

Happy Independence Day! Does your street look and sound like a war zone or is it just me?

I do find it odd that I had a moment to post during this eventful weekend but see it as I had two huge plates of food today...the itis called me and my friends to retreat to our couch before hitting the town tonight. I have had a blast this weekend so far...I keep forgetting my camera to take pics but I did get a shot from the party photog last night.

It was a nice party. The only thing missing...air conditioning! Stupid hot is all I can say.

Many apologies for the lack of has been on a bit of a roller coaster (which I'll fill you in later this week). But I will say I'm SO happy to have 37 followers now, WOW! Freakin' amazing dudes! Ya'll already know I'm grateful. So welcome new followers...I'll be sure to check out everyone's blog this week, promise!

So everyone be safe tonight, and don't let the illegal fireworks blow off your hand!