Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Live Your Life

Saturday, October 17, 2009 4
In talking to my parentals this past Friday I realized that my life has succumbed to going out on the weekend (even if I didn't want to) just to say I did something exciting in my life. I expressed my concern to them that I didn't want to work and go to school all week just to sit in the house on the weekend resting, though, very tempting. Contrary to my feelings of "homebody-ness" I went out last night and all day today, which proved to be a good time. Let me take this opportunity to say that you should really start experiencing life in a different way everyday. Do something you've never done before, research places you always drive past but never go to, or out with people that you don't tend to go out with, just to keep things spicy and fresh. Note: this can be done at any age. Warning: this will make you feel forever young and often rejuvenated/refreshed.

Let me take this time to shed a little light on my current experience: I went to a club (all white, except for my friend and I) for one of my classmates bday party. When I got there, she wasn't there and we were the target black people for at least an hour...muy uncomfortable, so ready to leave but I had just paid 16 for parking, NOT EVEN! Despite my discomfort, we stuck it out and ended up making new party buddies, hooking up with my friend who was so happy to see me again, and we did it all...wait for it...SOBER, can you believe it! Talk about doing different stuff. You don't have to switch up everything, just do something you always do with a little twist. Point 2: today I went apple picking, drank cider (which I hated before today) and ate apple cinnamon donuts, and went to a petting zoo all while the weather switched from rainy/cloudy to sunny/rainy and back again. SIDEBAR: now ladies, how about you allow your hair to get wet once in your won't kill you, trust me and it is so liberating! And we're back: ended the night at my cousin's house watching an old 90s movie that I hadn't seen and am too embarrassed to even mention the name.

Not saying you have to do anything I've done on my list of random things, but find something out of the ordinary and JUST DO thing I absolutely agree with Nike on! Live life, no regrets!