Thursday, December 27, 2012

Accessories, Leathers, Spots...OH MY!

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Today I realized that I am an artist. creator. visionary. I have spurts of inspiration that make me want to expand my mind to see the wardrobe of the future, all the while, being totally realistic in what people are actually wearing. Edgy enough for people to want to explore the look, but not too off the norm that they quickly lose interest. This is every stylist's plight! However, trending in my mind today are: accessories (how to buy statement pieces so as to not replace your entire wardrobe), leather skirts (edgy and office appropriate), and animal prints (jazzing up an outfit without being so over the top and just down right offensive). Since I am a visual person, I'll just make the rest of this post speak through the unspoken art of pictures :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wedding Bells, Maybe?

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For some reason, I have been hit with the "I want to be married" bug and have noticed about a third of my pins on Pinterest are wedding related. I have started identifying the style of dress I want for myself and bridesmaids, the RING, chapels and churches that have inspired me, honeymoon (I mean, vacation) spots, etc. In looking down the list of friends I have, I'd say about half of them will be married within the next two years, which means that 1) I need to get on the ball, and 2) I should start saving so that I can afford a gazillion bridesmaid dresses. I should probably also check my attitude and learn how to be happy for those experiencing this wonderful life move...CONGRATS! Eh, I'm working on it. Anyway, as with everything else, going through this phase has inspired me to immerse myself in the culture of wedding clothes, which I have added here for all to view a little piece of the craziness that is my mind these days :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Ring Says Moody

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Have not experienced anything that has inspired me to write. I'm on the down slope right now which has left me pretty speechless, but I pray all is well with everyone out there and you will be sure to hear from me soon (as I am going home to shenanigans for a month)! From where does your inspiration come?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Beautiful Bold Beauties

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Had no idea Lagos FW would bring me so much joy! For the last few weeks my Tumblr has been flooded with apropos pix of such beautiful garments from the MotherLand. #getsome

Monday, November 5, 2012

London Style

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Today, I realized that I want to dress like a I googled some inspirations. That is all :) 


Monday, October 29, 2012


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Raw...bare.naked.stripped.demasked. All adjectives that define me at this particular point. How easy it is to go through the process of adorning, masking, robing, even smiling without being in touch with your true reality that is you in that exact instance. For me, it took my moving to a foreign place with unfamiliar people, cultures, and practices where I was left to survive (or totally rely on God); sink or swim. And even in my story of victory and triumph, I still feel incomplete, broken, and empty from time to time. Life is meant for seasons (Ecclesiastes 3), but in this one the wind is completely taking over.

I could take you through the details of my thoughts on a minute-to-minute basis that include my struggle with desiring the man of my dreams and making the ones in my life fit into that mold, praying his safety and sanity in my world of crazy; or the thoughts and prayers (anguished cry) for my beautiful grandmother that I am absolutely and completely worried about almost daily; or the lack of motivation I have for school every other day, knowing in my heart I should be doing something else, but trying to wait on God's timing (or maybe I'm just scared to fail or even worse, procrastinating); or what I'll wear and eat for the day (Matthew 6:25-34), which workout I'll attend; midterms (to study or not). Everyday is a constant struggle for sanity, and to think that someone out here has it even worse...unbearable!

(But who ever found solace in knowing someone else was worse off, NO! We always want the spotlight; we want our problems to be the biggest and the only so the attention and focus is on us. So yes, I know there are others out there in bad shape, but for now, let's table that discussion.)

What's a girl to do? Continue going through the motions of living until reaching the end of my days and realizing I totally missed out on what was important in life, while chasing after something that left me insatiated? I think not! But what? How do I get up from here and move into a season of newness, refreshing, and joy?

Dear God, I'm here bearing my soul and desperately need some type of quenching. I am exhausted, frustrated, and upset. Please resurrect the life in me so that I can make it through this next moment. Take care of all the concerns I have and replace them with the peace you promised Your child. In Jesus' name I pray, amen!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beauty is HER name

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So, I just realized the best way to study...or should I say, the best way I study: open book/notes, highlighter - skim through all the items I am already proficient in and when I get to something that takes a little more thought, listen to some music (preferably love songs), do some baking, and browse all my social networks. Oh yeah, then come back to my studies with music playing ever so lightly in the background (after a nicely prepared meal and dessert).

Study Material: Food Science
Dessert: Quince-Apple Crisp
Trending Songs: Beauty (Dru Hill), Never Too Much (Luther), Fistful of Tears (Maxwell), Spanish Guitar (Toni Braxton), The Truth (India.Arie) - Check out my Spotify ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

From Grey to Sunflower

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I woke up this morning (as dark as it was) with the right heart attitude; a complete 180 of yesterday's demeanor. I woke up motivated, finally! It just goes to show that you determine your mood and that mood determines the remainder of the day.

I got dressed this morning and threw on some red lips with my red, suede VANS (that look like Keds, but whatev) and walked out the door for class. I will spare you the small details of mini miracles that happened between then and now and get right to the brightness in my day...I planted sunflowers this morning!

The significance to my excitement is that I recently fell in love with the flower and wanted to decorate my room with them everywhere, but my roommate was not having it. So I dreamt up this crazy idea that the man of my dreams would send me some (instead of roses) one day and by default they would become the theme in our home. I'm still waiting...

Anyway, I took the problem into my own hands and solved it. Now I will have my own crop of sunflowers for the season and the next few years to come. What have you created lately ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shades of Grey

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I've been feeling really random lately. Just realized I have been dressing the part as well. Grey has been my shade of choice this week, which is totally and utterly gloomy (completely matching my unmotivated mood). So, like my good friend told me, I'm "shaking out of it!" I realized that lacking motivation cannot be fixed until I know what motivates me.

Since I'm not in a philosophical mood presently, I turned to my quick fix...clothes!

In my gloomy state I realize how absolutely fabulous I still have to be when leaving the house in the morning. Thus, though I'm wearing grey, I don't have to look down. So, in the words of my unforgettable friend-who-bought-me-a-drink-in-sd-because-she-was-totally-drunk, "Don't be frumpy!" I am choosing right now not to let this mood ruin my fabulousness :)

good day mates!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Mourning

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The good thing about blogs is that regardless of what category it fits in, you, the blogger, are still able to write about whatever you absolutely want to. With that being said, I am choosing to use it today as my saving grace/sanity.

For the past few weeks I have been feeling so unmotivated and down. Totally uncharacteristic of me, but I've been wearing black lately and that is freaking me out (especially since my colors are often reflectant of my mood). So, what does a girl like me do in such an instance? Well the stylist in me was inspired to find fashionable looks in my "new color." Squeeze those lemons into lemonade (pink, if you're anything like me)!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Was Kanye Right?

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As I write this post I'm wondering if Kanye was on to something when he said, and I loosely quote, "If I talk about God my record won't get played." Just a thought as I pen this post tonight. Either way I got some things that just need to be said:

During such a difficult time I wondered where my motivation and will for life went. After having a short read in the Good Book, I soon realized what I was missing and why. God is the piece (and peace) to my puzzle; the reason I live, the purpose for my being. Therefore, without Him I would have continued down the long road to unfulfillment and despair. Thank the Lord the story did not end there!

So, even though this blog is meant to promote fashion and style, I am realizing that one can really never be whole without all aspects in proper balance and order. Food for thought, get some!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bring Back the 90s!

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A friend asked me to help style her for this year's 90s party, which got me reflecting back on the good ol days!

Movies I adore, i.e. Clueless, Boomerang, BAPS, House Party

Shows I loved: Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell, All That, Sister Sister

Styles that must make a comeback (or not), i.e. overalls, square hats, harem pants, printed cardigans and shoulder padded jackets

Girl and Boy groups such as TLC, Kid n Play, BSB, N'Sync, the homie Aaliyah (in a category all by herself).

 Aah, the 90s! Where do I begin? Curious to know what looks you'd like to bring back?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Themed Dress

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Special s/o to the roomie on her All Black Birthday yesterday! Of course I have the photo to prove the fabulosity :) Create something special today loves; paint the blank canvas!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and...WorkItOut!

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What kind of Nutrition student would I be if I didn't post about my weekly workout regimen?!

Monday: Zumba
Tuesday: Zumba
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Zumba
Friday: Water Aerobics
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Run

So, even though I eat Cheez-Its for dinner (don't judge me), I am committed to my workouts! I hope you all jump on this bandwagon b/c it promises such a quality of life and a hot, Miami BEACHBODY! Go Team Go

Monday, September 24, 2012


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Good Morning All,

It was totally my intentions to pen trends that have recently caught my eye, but this morning I'm struggling with something a little deeper. Wasn't sure how deep (and transparent) I wanted to get here, but I'll simply say what I've been thinking.

I know I am right at the brink of the tide before it turns, but I'm so bogged down with thoughts and ideas of what my future will look like to the point where I don't know what my role is at this exact moment. I've allowed life to just 'go', per se, and have allowed the tide to overtake me. At the end of each day I realize I'm searching for something because now I'm unfulfilled (which manifests when purpose is absent).

I've done my own thing hoping for a positive outcome...I'm still waiting, though. First things first, I have to come back to my Creator God in order to see any organization in my life. Next, I have to be the change. I have to believe that my contribution is world-changing, otherwise I will never get over this hump; back to the right side of purpose. And lastly, it is pertinent for me to tease my thoughts out of my head onto paper, so that I don't forget what has been consuming my thoughts (which are obviously important). This way I am able to sort and separate so that I am better able to address each concern in a timely fashion, thus, relieving a huge chunk of my stress.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Balanced Life: Doable?

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First, I must s/o my fellow bloggers b/c consistently blogging is a definite feat! I have been wanting to write for the last 48 and have just now got around to do it, which leads me to the topic of the day: balance! How does one find the time to work, go to school, connect w/ the rest of the world and the heavenly Father, keep the house in order, mellow out, shop, and eat (amongst so many other things)?

This will be the first of many posts that address this topic, but what I will encourage each of you to do (right now) is break down the day into components of physical, emotional/mental, social, academic, and spiritual pieces to ensure all-around quality health.

What I have done recently is learned to meditate an hour in the morning when I wake up and an hour at night before turning in. An hour may not be feasible for some, so take whatever time you can, even if it is simply turning your computer off while you gobble down your sandwich for 2-3 minutes before your meeting that you are already late for.

What I do during this time is either think or create (which has been the case more recently). Realizing that incorporating your passion somewhere in your day, i.e. creativity = what makes you tick, is like that vacation you dream about on your 9-5; what you have been saving for or the reason you haven't yet quit your gig. Creative meditation is the getaway you've been looking for and it helps keep you sane throughout your long days and even longer nights. Find something that you've wanted to do and indulge! I.DOUBLE.DOG.DARE.YOU

Thursday, September 13, 2012


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So as part of my transformation into my new career path, I have decided to post photos (obviously unprofessional) of my work as it evolves. I know you will probably get tired of seeing my face, so I have also started conducting contests for my friends to participate in what I like to call "theme week". Here goes nothing :) bear with me...the first fall look, any thoughts?