Monday, September 24, 2012


Monday, September 24, 2012
Good Morning All,

It was totally my intentions to pen trends that have recently caught my eye, but this morning I'm struggling with something a little deeper. Wasn't sure how deep (and transparent) I wanted to get here, but I'll simply say what I've been thinking.

I know I am right at the brink of the tide before it turns, but I'm so bogged down with thoughts and ideas of what my future will look like to the point where I don't know what my role is at this exact moment. I've allowed life to just 'go', per se, and have allowed the tide to overtake me. At the end of each day I realize I'm searching for something because now I'm unfulfilled (which manifests when purpose is absent).

I've done my own thing hoping for a positive outcome...I'm still waiting, though. First things first, I have to come back to my Creator God in order to see any organization in my life. Next, I have to be the change. I have to believe that my contribution is world-changing, otherwise I will never get over this hump; back to the right side of purpose. And lastly, it is pertinent for me to tease my thoughts out of my head onto paper, so that I don't forget what has been consuming my thoughts (which are obviously important). This way I am able to sort and separate so that I am better able to address each concern in a timely fashion, thus, relieving a huge chunk of my stress.