Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspired to Write

Thursday, January 24, 2013 0
First post in the new, let me start by saying Feliz Ano Nuevo (Spanish lesson)!

So there are some cool things I want to share with you all, the first being that I have been put up to the test. I was asked to do some styling work that showcased shorts as the theme with a Parisian twist, identifying inspiration pieces online on Tuesday. Then yesterday, one of my followers on another site encouraged me to post about how to dress in "happening" business attire after age 40, which I had fun researching this morning. That lead to my brainstorming of age appropriate (and body type appropriate) posts that will be forthcoming. Leading me to my last creative moment today and momentus episode in my life, I drew my first dress sketch...very elementary, but I couldn't be more proud! We all have to start somewhere.

I am so thankful to have these opportunities hitting me left and right; it seems like everyday I am able to share my journey as a fashion stylist (blog idea, hmm?). I have recently started a fan page on Facebook, which has also been getting good, positive feedback. It's happening, it is really happening! I am the ultimate dreamer, so you can only imagine the joy I have gotten from these small treats of exposure :) And I did I mention I was asked to be featured in May Vora jewelry? God is good!
Yep, so that's my update I look forward to being able to do this more often as new ideas become available. Oh, and did I mention I was in Vegas this weekend, which totally spoke to my artistic/eclectic side...the product of that inspiration will be evident very soon. Looking to secure a photog real soon, but for now, I am resorting to my handy dandy Android (don't judge me). Adios!