Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'd Like To 'Chew' A Piece Of This Hubba Hubba

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I'll be the first to admit I have weird crushes, most of them will be on the not so obvious men. Which brings to my newly titled 'Hubba Hubba' of the moment (Man of the Moment was so plain) Chiwetel Ejiofor or Chewy. No seriously I read that's his nickname. Goes great with the post doesn't know, chewy...hubba the gum...yeah? No? Okay.


I know you're like, who is this dude? Look at the pictures...he'll ring a bell (or he can ring mine :smirk:...I kid)

He can be recongized for his roles in '2012', 'Talk to Me' and 'She Hate Me'...and if you haven't seen Talk To Me...go rent it...NOW! It's worth it :)

I think what makes him so sexy is when he talks. Oh how I swoon over British accents and theater-trained actors :sigh:

The Real Hitch/Tough Love?

So I was over at Clutch Magazine and ran across a video of the Modern Day Matchmaker. Of course I was curious as to what this was and a little YouTube watching let me know who Paul Carrick Bruson is and what he's setting out to do.

Now after watching the first episode I was a little perturbed. Me? Bossy? Women need to act more feminine? I could hear my professors from my feminism classes jumping on every word this guy said. But as I watched his other two episodes I can't lie and say it wasn't interesting and he definitely gave some practical information. Check it out and give your thoughts!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Because At Some Point We Wanted That Side-Swoop

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 2
You would be lying if you said you've never been at the beauty shop and asked for an Aaliyah Okay maybe just me.

Anyways I thought I'd pay homage to a Kabuki Queen in her own right. January 16th she would have turned 31, so happy belated birthday Aaliyah we miss you, your music, dancing, fashion and that long hair don't care!

This song never gets old...

Time's A Tickin'....

So awhile back I made a list of 23 things I want to do while I'm 23. I haven't quite made it through half the list but I have a little less than 3 months to finish...guess I better start making use of my time!

My 23 While I’m 23

1. Throw a dinner party
2. Learn a new language
3. Travel to a city I’ve never been to
4. Get one last tattoo
5. Get a better score on the GRE
6. Write a novel or short story (just in case)
7. Give my mother a full makeover
8. Maintain a weight of 150
9. Wear a solid size 8
10. Hang out with my brother for one full day (because we barely even talk) God has been good because we've been spending much more time together...even went snowboarding!
11. Play racket ball with my dad
12. Take a cooking class
13. See at least three concerts
14. Make it to 100 posts on my blog WooHoo!
15. Take a dance class Try being in a class with stick thin 13 year-olds...but it was fun!
16. Take a vacation somewhere outside the US
17. Run in a marathon
18. Go to a strip-aerobics class
19. Go to an actual strip club I went to the Pink Slip in East. St. Louis...SMH is all I have to say or not say
20. Give more than I receive
21. Move to a different city (or get out of St. Louis!) Well I moved back home to Cali so I guess that counts
22. Perform at a spoken word event
23. Become a DJ (seriously)

Make Me Over!

Who doesn’t love change? I know some change can be uncomfortable but in the end it’s in our favor. At least that’s what I tell myself everyday.

As you know or may not know I moved back to California after living in St. Louis for a little over 5 years. I was so ready for a change of scenery. And when I left I felt like I had everything in the bag….job interview lined up, going back to grad school. I’m on my way right?

Wrong. Dead wrong. It’s funny how we have a plan for ourselves…so sure it’s gonna work out then God says “No, not this time.” And all you wanna scream is, “BUT WHY??” and cry…cause that’s what I definitely did. The past couple of months have been a humbling experience…moving back home with my parents, looking for work and spending my days doing a whole lotta nothing. It’s not where I saw myself and it isn’t a place that I want to be. So I’m making the decision to be made over...completely! Life is too short to waste time and God has blessed me too much for me not to do anything. I’m not feeling sorry for myself and my current situation; all I can do is make the most of it.

All of which to say is Welcome to the new, fabulously improved Kabuki Queen! I felt like it was time I take more pride in the work that I set out to do and I know Ms. Nels would not let this fall to the wayside. So we’re here to stay and we hope you all will stay with us by reading, comments and just continuing to show us love. Oh and last but not least muchas gracias to Divalicious Designs for making this great layout and putting up with me when I didn’t know what I was doing!

Much joy,


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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Happy New Year!

I hope everybody's holiday's were fabulous as ours was. We must again apologize for the lack of updates but we're pleased to inform that Kabuki Queen is going to be under a little maintenance but I do promise (I hate breaking promises therefore I don't) that the site will be new and improved. I mean, who doesn't love good change? So hold tight and look forward to the new Kabuki Queen and thanks for your continued support. :)