Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Every girl should own them

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
I'm talking about PEARLS! I have a confession to make...I wear my obnoxiously enormous pink pearl earrings every single day! Pearls are so timeless; if you don't own them, I suggest you get with it and bring the true queen out that's been dying to come forth!
Just as timeless/priceless pearls are, thus are women. We need to take time out to celebrate our inner pearl (true beauty); learn how to pamper and appreciate yourself. I had to learn this recently. Men are amazing, but we have to learn that they do not measure our beauty. As women, we have to learn how to reflect on the outside, what is on our inside. Don't just be a pretty face any longer.

I suggest choosing a random Tuesday once a month to spend with yourself. Start off at the spa, grab a sexy addition to your closet out at Macys, do lunch downtown with a glass of champagne, hit up a matinee, take a drive on the lakefront, whatever you choose, make it all about you. Forward your calls, emails, all technology to love on yourself. You'll feel so much better after!