Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 Day Diet-Day 3

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
So Day 3 is pretty much done and I did good for the most part the menu was the same from the first day but this is what I ate:

Breakfast-Yogurt with strawberries

Snack-I really didn't have one but I did drink berry flavored fiber with lemonade which was YUM!

Lunch-Spinach & Kale

Snack-Salad with veggies and blueberries & fat-free ranch dressing & banana

Dinner-Salad...i was supposed to have this shrimp stir-fry that my granny made but it turned out to be nasty so salad it was. Overall I'm feeling pretty good, slightly worn out from the workout which is why I'm going to sleep now.

I also drank LOTS of water which is why I think I'm so full. I worked out with my trainer for an hour which was a very intense hour! But he did weigh me and now I'm at 163.6 so a total of 0.8 pounds...hey it's better than nothing.

Until tomorrow!