Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Must Be The Chicken

Thursday, May 7, 2009

By now we have heard about the new Grilled Chicken at KFC (whoopee <---insert sarcasm). I've never been a huge fan of KFC since I was little; the only thing I enjoyed was the mashed potatoes (yum! <---insert pure joy). Now to be honest I knew it was a big deal if my grandmother was talking about it, and she does not fool with any type of fast food.

So a lovely co-worker decided to treat the office with a coupon he had for KFC Grilled Chicken. I politely decline and tell him I’ll be satisfied with my Smart One meal (while still kicking myself in the bootay because I should of cooked something better last night to take to work). When he starts talking about eating healthy and trying the chicken blah blah blah I just said fine, let me just try.

Oh and did I try.

That chicken was good!

I mean I thought it would be pretty average and make me think that I could cook something better but that chicken was the business, in my opinion. Oprah clearly knew what she was doing. But I could have done without a lot of the fat on there. Will I eat it again? Probably not, nothing tastes better than free.

So KabQ's have you tried the new famous KFC Grilled Chicken? What do you think?

And last, a food for thought....

I know Oprah donated to KFC and in return gave America a deal on some chicken but do you think it's slightly stereotypical that we're associating a black woman with chicken? (These are all the African-American Studies classes I've taken coming out) Could have it been books, beauty products? Something that could not only better African-Americans but Americans in general? Things that make you go hmmmm.....

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly