Thursday, May 21, 2009

The CW Can Kick Rocks!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I’m heated!

The only and I mean the only decent black comedy/drama on TV now is cancelled.

The CW knows they’re some bitches, plain and simple.

First of the season finale of ‘The Game’ left us on the edge of our seats so now we can’t have an ending to our happily ever after Derwin and Melanie or see how much bitchassness Jason got in his system for leaving Kelly high and dry. Seriously CW??

Although maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, you saw what happened to ‘Girlfriends’. It’s just sad to see a great show be canned for shows like the NEW Melrose Place, isn’t 90210 enough? Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy 90210 (when I actually watch it) and I’m starting to get hip to Gossip Girls but sorry CW, you’ve lost me. On top of that, they took away ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ which I enjoyed too! It just makes me realize that good black shows are becoming a mystery.

All I want to see is a mostly black cast in a drama, comedy whatever that’s NOT a reality show.

So what do you think KabQueens? Are black TV shows fading in the wind?

It looks about that way.