Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Soulful Masterpiece

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
"Diamonds in the Back"

You ever just look at a painting and said "Dang, I feel that"? No? Okay maybe just me. Well when you look at Dawn Okoro's work if you don't feel that...well now there's just something wrong with you.

I stumbled upon her work from a natural hair site praising her for featuring natural hair and afro beauties. And since then I've been hooked. Her artwork has graced my phone wallpaper and is currently my wallpaper on my computer...okay okay I know I may sound like a total groupie but the girl is fierce with these paintings!

Never have I seen art that I feel paints a picture of how I feel or who I am. As a newly natural hair beauty (yes I chopped it off...updates coming soon!) I look at her Crown and Glory pictures and just get inspired and love all the crown and glory that I have. Hey I could talk about her stuff for days but let the art speak for itself!

"Turned Away"

"Shine 1"

"Saturday's Best"

"Shine 2"

And once I get my place (soon Jesus! Please?) Dawn's art will definitely be adorning my walls.

And check out more of her work (and her new project called 'Selfsploitation'-think Rihanna, Cassie and naked pics) at:
Annnd follow her on Twitter: