Monday, July 5, 2010

Retail Therapy

Monday, July 5, 2010
More like clean house therapy. Since I didn't have to work today I got up and decided to clean out my closet. Got rid of old things, found shirts that I could wear for work and even hung up my belts (this is big).

(Now to you this may not seem organized but to me...this is really really good for me).

And I couldn't have clean house therapy without some Target therapy...duh!

First I needed some new house shoes with a little pizazz...I think I scored. (Hello footsies!)

What I also really needed were shoes for work...cute FLAT shoes. And Xhilration and Mossimo never let me down.

I also adore Target's notebook selection. I'm definitely feeling their greenroom collection which uses recylced paper. (I feel like I'm doing my part to my planet)

A pen/pencil organizer from Real Simple.

And lastly a purple corkboard to but all my motivational quotes and bible verses. And I finally hung up my saying for life.

That's all for now Queens!