Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hair Debate (once again)

Monday, May 17, 2010
If you've been following this blog for sometime it's no secret that I change my hair far too often. But you're only young once right? So last summer I was technically transitioning from relaxed to natural by wearing weaves.

All was well until I took the thing out and did not enjoy taking care of two textures of hair. Although I did enjoy my rod set.

So I said "f-it" and got a relaxer. And boy oh boy was that thing silky smooth perfection.

But I got the weave itch again and had two sew-ins back to back. I got my last sew-in in December which I relaxed the day before I got it so my edges would sit nicely. But after 4 months it was time to take it out. And to my surprise my hair grew like CRAZY!

This is the longest it's ever been. So I came to face a decision of again dealing with two textures (I had at least 3-4 inches of new growth), relax or go back to weaves. Well my bank account said no to weaves. I considered relaxing again because I had gained so much growth I thought why not try to keep it up, but I knew it could be more damaging later on. And now natural is knocking at my door and you know what? I'm letting it in!

I've made the conscious decision to go natural. For the summer I have two-strand twists but come August/September and maybe sooner, I'm doing the big chop and not looking back. I'm getting some great tips and gawking at naturals on Black Girl With Long Hair....and I still read Black Hair Care Forum from time to time (these websites are addictive I tell you!). So I will most definitely be documenting this journey. There is finally no more debate!