Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeling This Flavor

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
I always enjoy seeing new online publications geared towards African American females, since we barely see it in print publications. With that said, there is new magazine that hit the net yesterday that you definitely need to add to your favorites, it's Salt Magazine.

So I'm sure your thinking in your head, "why salt?". Well I could paraphrase it in my own words but it won't do it justice, so here's their mission straight from source:

From the Publisher::
Salt Magazine is the place to taste the good life.

Our belief is that the good life is NOT the unachievable life that you die wishing you could have lived up to. Rather, we believe
that the good life is one where you dream big, face reality,
embrace life’s challenges, conquer circumstances and develop
wholeness in every aspect of your life.

As we all grow and mature, we realize that this good life
doesn’t just fall into our laps; and THAT'S what makes it all

If your life represented one grain of salt, how would it taste?
Would it enhance the flavor of everything it came in contact

Salt is committed to delivering practical solutions to help you
enhance the flavor of your greatest gift of all: Life.

There’s a gift that God has given you, and in each issue of
Salt we will encourage you to tap into it and share it with the
world. After all, what is the purpose of salt but to enhance flavor?

So, enjoy our launch issue! We hope it brings renewal and
refreshment to the ingredients of your life that need it most; and
we look forward to sharing our Salt with you in the many issues
to come.

From one grain of Salt to another,

Carline R. Léger
Publisher, Salt Magazine

Sounds amazing doesn't it? It is! I'm so happy to see a publication dedicated to empower women using the gifts that God has given them while also giving praise to Him. Uber fabulous. I couldn't help but love it too since my friend Dominique is one of the contributors. So do two things check out www.salt-mag.com and Dominique's blog, turnyalifeup.blogspot.com ...both will encourage and uplift!