Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Still A Rockstar...

Thursday, November 12, 2009
So as I was making the changes to the blog Pink's "So What" came up on my playlist. It's a fun song to rock out to but I actually started listening to it and realized it applied to me more than I thought.

Oh trust I'm not trying to start trouble or have me or my ex start a fight. But Pink is basically saying, "Look so what if you're gone, so what if you're lame...I'm still fabulous and even more fabulous since you've been gone."

Story of my life.

Since I left you last it seemed like every male relationship I once had or currently have just burst into flames. I had got so down and out about myself that it was showing in everything. Ladies, I know there always is always a small portion of us that wants to be validated at some point, especially by a guy (if you don't agree it's cool, but hey when it comes to me that's what it is). And when it seems like no one appreciates you, it just sucks!

But hold up!

I had to look at myself and literally say "I am worth it, and if he can't see it then there is obviously something wrong with him" and pretty much any other guy that can't see that. So...

So what, I don't need you
So what, I'm better without you anyway
So what, I still look TOO damn good
So what, it's you're loss player
So what, I'm alright and just fine

And so what, I'm still the sh*t b*tch!! *snaps in a circle 3 times*

Don't mean to be hostile, just had to make the point :). But here's a few videos just to make you feel good and know that if your in a similar situation, you're better without him. And fellas if you're feeling the same way, you're better without her!