Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'ma I'ma Diva...Thanks Bey

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Alright Chicas,

I need a little help deciding what to feature in an upcoming fashion show I'm participating in, please help! It is required of all women participants to have a white and black piece (blouse and pants); another white and black something or other (doesn't have to be both colors); colorful graphics (where my retro graffiti artists?); and a classy/formal piece (no prom dresses allowed!). I have a few ideas of the looks I'll try to achieve, but I could go on for days, so I want some help narrowing down my options...

1. black skinnys (leather) or white trousers?
w/b checkered cardigan cinched with a black bow belt or a solid colored turtleneck or a laced, see through piece with the high neck and tie @ the throat?
w/b Oxfords (can someone please tell me what these things are called, I don't think that's their name)

2. all white! (this is debatable)
white dress (any other ideas)
w vest or suspenders?
same shoes as first scene, so think along those lines for the outfit options

3. black vest w/ graff on the back or leather aviator jacket (tan) w/ graff tank over jacket
P-I-N-K tutu!
textured tights (design options? i'm thinking red)
black/tan pumps
red button earrings or black hoops?

4. red & black checkered shirt or purple (something sexy)
3/4 high-waist pencil skirt (falls past the knee, tight all the way down -- sateen)
i'm open for suggestions on this!

*help me out ladies, hey, even the gents are welcome on this one!