Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drop the Cinnabons & Shake your Bon-Bons

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Evening Queens,

I'm here to tell you about a must-have that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous on the daily. What is it? Wii Fit! I'm so technologically behind, but when my ma (shout out M-A) brought home a Nintendo Wii, I knew I had to get with it or get lost! Idk how many of you were in love with Super Mario, but this is a shout out to all my videogame heads!!! Sorry, I used to be a Super N junky. Anyway, if you're like me, you have no idea how to even go about getting into this whole Wii crave so let me catch you up.

The first step is to purchase a Wii game system. It comes with a controller, 1 set of nunchucks, and a game (Wii sports, which is ultra fun also). Make your next move your best move by purchasing the Wii Fit, which is a game that comes with a board, an optional yoga mat, and the game disc.
The first time you crank it up, you might feel a little self-conscious because it tells you the truth about where you are health-wise
. Now, a lot of us don't measure our weight by hopping on the scale everyday (if you're like me, you're scared to see the result), but the game board that comes with Wii Fit takes your initial weight and allows you to set goals to get your BMI (body mass index) within normal limits. Sometimes the game can be a little cruel, but it's all out of tough love (tough love that we don't always get from our girls). It should really become an addition to your household and make its way into your everyday routine. It really works your body out in ways Super Mario never could. So instead of running out to sign up for a gym membership you'll never use, purchase Wii Fit to get it right, get it tight! Keep me posted on your success...holla!