Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thursday, September 17, 2009
I hate getting on here after years of being away, however, I only write when I'm extra excited or confused about something and need the opinion of fellow, fabulous peers!

Now, to the real reason why I'm writing this fine day (I'll be short and sweet): I have to admit that I have fallen prey to the Charlotte Russe monster! The clothes, um...not really my thing, but I goes nowhere else for my accessories, bomb diggity (how was that for hood?)!

I was in the store a few weeks ago to buy another pair of the fabulous earrings I already own, but this time for my little sister who recently turned 8, and is just as grown as me I might add. Anyone that's already hip to the CR bomb, you should already know that you can always come out of there with two pieces of jewelry for 8 bucks. I scooped up the old earrings for lil sis and grabbed a new, fun pair for my weekend dinner party. Got to the register, happy to have found what I was looking for and decided to give the ring basket on the front counter a quick look-through.

Wasn't I happy I did because it was then I spotted a small sign behind the registers stating a 10% discount to all students and military personnel. I asked the cashier what I had to do to receive the discount, and she told me just show my school idea. ALL STUDENTS receive 10% off, EVERY PURCHASE! Now, I know 10% is just tax, at least in Chicago, but during this recession that the rest of the world is going through (seeing as I'm not participating), I thought this would be most helpful to any and everyone looking for a break...Stop on by and be on the lookout for anymore of these "small signs"! Happy shopping ;)