Monday, November 17, 2008

Women helping Women

Monday, November 17, 2008
Hey ladies,

It's been a long time, I shouldn'tve left you...without a deep thought to think through (thanks for the dope beat Tim, lol). Lately I've been pondering, which I often do, about the downfall of the world and the opportunities lost because of selfishness. I wonder what would happen if one woman became president of the United States of America...would she put a system in place that would allow other women to grab hold of the blueprint (cheetah-print is a little more stylish) and make such a thing commonplace? Why is it that women seem to be only looking out for themselves? Is it a crime to help a young sister out when she needs a boost?

I have been thinking on what I will do with my future and came across a program that is designed to help young Afro-American aspiring doctors become just that...but there's a twist: those that come through the program serve as the mentors for those coming up behind them in the same program. It doesn't stop there! Those actually in the program are required to mentor college students who are looking to get into such a program; the college students do the same with the hs students, and those to the grade school kids; so that everyone is being helped/prepared for what they will yet achieve one day. Can you imagine if women just did this without a program in place? What would the world be like? Wouldn't we be ultimately taking over!

Women are the majority, so why is not our voice louder, bolder, stronger...heard? What are we doing to make a better life for ourselves and for the next generation of women? Therefore I ask you, "Are you doing your part?" If not, why not? An even better question, "When?"