Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kabuki Queen

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Right about now your asking…”Kabuki? And that is what?”

Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theater known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate makeup worn by the performers. The word kabuki is believed to derive from the verb kabuku, meaning "to lean" or "to be out of the ordinary".


A stylish, one of a kind queen.

And with that, let this blog be the source you need, to be the Kabuki Queen that you are. Whether it’s vamping the drobe (wardrobe that is), outfit ideas for weekend shindigs, giving props to other Kabuki Queens, or keeping you in the know in the now, this is all you need to be the queen indeed.


The Original KQs

Janelle, Erica & Janolby

PS There is a nail laquer by OPI called “You’re Such a Kabuki Queen!” Get it!

And to get it rolling, we must give props to an one of the orginals KQ's, Miss Dorothy Dandridge

an original kab queen